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Are you a passionate writer with deep knowledge in the casino, vape, or CBD industries? We’re always on the lookout for authoritative voices to contribute insightful, well-researched content to our platform. By writing for us, you’ll have the opportunity to share your expertise with our large audience while positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.

What We’re Looking For We accept submissions on a wide range of topics related to casinos, vaping/e-cigarettes, and CBD/cannabis products. However, not just any content will make the cut. We have high editorial standards and are looking for pieces that are:

Informative & Original: We want content that provides genuine value to our readers, sharing unique insights, tips, analyses, and perspectives they can’t find elsewhere.

Well-Researched & Accurate: Content must be factual, unbiased, and backed by credible sources. We have no tolerance for plagiarism or false/misleading information.

Engaging & Readable: Pieces should be clearly written, structured in a logical way, and formatted properly. Content should aim to captivate readers.

On-Brand: While we welcome diverse voices and viewpoints, content should still align with our brand’s core values and audience interests.

Potential Topics To give you an idea of what we’re after, here are some potential topics you could cover:


Casino game strategies & tips

Casino resort reviews

Gambling trends & industry analysis

Regulatory updates impacting casinos

Online casino platforms & technology


Vaping device reviews & comparisons

E-liquid flavor profiles

Vaping culture & community

Health impacts & research

Legal & regulatory vaping news


CBD product reviews

CBD benefits & use cases

Hemp agriculture & cultivation

Cannabinoid science

CBD legal & regulatory landscape