family values & southern hospitality

G'Raj Mahal Cafe & Lounge offers the best of Austin's atmosphere and attitude with a combination of traditional and innovative Indian comfort food coupled with local music in the heart of Rainey Street. From our beginnings as a family-run food trailer operation, we gained a reputation with our unique style and cozy ambiance that quickly became an Austin staple. Now, we are excited to share the new G’Raj with you! We have rebuilt and custom designed an old house into a funky, beautiful space featuring: a large, gorgeous wooden deck in the back patio, a lovely stone front yard, comfortable indoor café seating, and a premium wine and beer bar.


The story of G'Raj Mahal begins with Native Austinite and Chef Sidney Roberts' vision to bring Western Indian cuisine to Austin, TX.  After months of searching, the first site came by through word of mouth from Jeremy Rosen, an old friend and owner of Austin Bike Zoo. She landed a space just off of Rainey Street during its weirder years and even kept Jeremy’s animal bikes on site for company. The original spot had previously operated as a car garage, giving way to her vision for the G’Raj. By transforming this used car lot into a backyard offbeat paradise, the name and feeling became evident and felt authentic from the very beginning. Her friends and family worked tirelessly to see the G’Raj to its long-awaited opening day as a food trailer on November 28th, 2009. And as if building an empire wasn't enough, Sidney added marriage to her plans that same year. She and Anthony (born and raised in Goa, India) spontaneously married in May during his short 2 week visit to Austin, and they didn't see each other until the week before opening. He seriously had no idea what she was about to get him into! Sidney added authentic Goan dishes to the menu, much to Anthony’s surprise, that are now signature dishes and revealed the open lot with a trailer and canopy, something he hadn’t seen before. A few tables multiplied into a few tents (imported from India) filled with more tables, and before they knew it, the couple had won over the locals with their delicious comfort food and unique table service. The family feel of G'Raj Mahal has always been apparent. As a mother of 5, Sidney raised her children while building her career as a chef, and they have all worked at the G'Raj either in the kitchen or the front of the house. Her son Oscar (aka Kiko), worked side-by-side with Anthony for the first 5 years and is now on his own path while Anthony continues to lead the charge in the kitchen, making sure all is kept to the highest expectations.   One of the most important aspects of this operation has always been the quality of the food. Each dish is made to order; you take note of that when your server asks you how spicy you would like your curry to taste. The beef and pork served at G'Raj are free-range and sourced from a local farm; the lamb, chicken and goat are grass-fed and Halal blessed. Anthony hand-rolls the samosa dough, Sidney works tirelessly to keep the menu and atmosphere interesting and relevant, and every staff member you'll meet will rave to you about how they couldn't possibly choose a singular favorite dish from the menu!   After 4+ years of growing success at the trailer location, this culinary family is thrilled to welcome you into their new home - the G'Raj Mahal Cafe and Lounge brick+mortar on Rainey Street. Now serving beer and wine, hosting private events, and boldly shimmering with a bigger-and-better version of the offbeat beauty that has always defined G'Raj Mahal, our family is proud to invite you to embrace the change! Whether you're looking for the perfect date spot, a location for that special celebration, or an Austin-inspired setting to entertain out-of-town visitors, we look forward to enjoying the occasion with you soon!